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The NB HR Portal project is part of the Business Engagement Project, which supports the Atlantic Population Table’s mandate to address the challenges of changing demographics in the Atlantic region. The Business Engagement Project is comprised of four provincial initiatives to improve the human resource management skills of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The NB HR PORTAL project was funded by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency in cooperation with the Nova Scotia Association of CBDCs. It is an initiative of the Atlantic Population Table, which is a partnership between the Government of Canada and the Atlantic Provinces to address population challenges facing Atlantic Canada.

The NB HR PORTAL project was coordinated by the Restigouche CBDC, sponsored by the New Brunswick Population Growth Division and supported by the University of New Brunswick, Saint John Campus through the Knowledge Impact in Society (KIS) project, which is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

To help assure that the Portal addressed the specific needs of New Brunswick businesses, 72 representative of the business community from across the province were called upon to help in developing this resource. The participants included equal numbers of French and English speakers. Involved were 50 business owners or managers as well as 22 representatives of New Brunswick-based business networks, Enterprise agencies and CBDCs. Together, they identified the four key HR topics that they believed would most benefit small business.

The Restigouche CBDC would like to thank the members of the project’s Advisory Committee for their contribution and judicious advice:

  • Dr. Robert MacKinnon, Vice President, University of New Brunswick, Saint John Campus
  • Tracey Chiasson, Administrative & Projects Coordinator, Vice-President’s Office, University of New Brunswick, Saint John Campus
  • Line Doiron, Executive Director, NB Association of CBDCs
  • Lisa MacInnis, Labour Force Development Officer, Enterprise Fredericton
  • Daniel Gallant, Labour Force Development Officer, Enterprise Kent
  • Sylvia Caissie, Population Growth Division, NB Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour

Restigouche CBDC NB HR PORTAL Project Team

  • Michel Guitard, Executive Director, Restigouche CBDC
  • Alex Jones, NB HR Portal Project Coordinator, Restigouche CBDC
  • Georges Bourdages, NB HR Portal Project Agent, Restigouche CBDC
  • Linda Leblanc, NB HR Portal Project Administrative Assistant, Restigouche CBDC

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