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The information contained on the NB HR PORTAL Website is provided as a non-commercial resource. It is not legal advice. These materials are intended to introduce basic-level human resource (HR) management concepts and practices and to encourage small businesses to take beginning steps towards implementing quality HR management practices. These materials are not intended to serve as solutions to complex or serious HR problems that may exist within a business. If a business has any complex or serious HR issues, it should consult with a professional who has appropriate qualifications and expertise in HR or consult a lawyer or a legal service agency, especially if  there are any legal problems. Under no circumstances is the Restigouche CBDC Inc. or any other non-profit organization that introduces these materials to a small business liable to any person or business for anything that may result from the use of any of the materials contained in this portal. Links and references to any other resources or websites are provided for information only, and these listings shall not be taken as an endorsement of the contents.


Each organization or business using any of the material on this Website must follow all applicable laws (Federal, Provincial, Municipal, etc.) within its geographic region. The materials contained in this HR Tool Kit are not intended as a substitute for any governmental or otherwise official information regarding applicable legislation, labour standards, etc. Since such legislation can change from time to time, depending on the province / territory, it is essential to regularly consult official government sources to confirm all applicable laws and to assure that any HR policies are compatible with the aforementioned laws.