The New Brunswick Small Business HR CONNEXION

About the Portal

The NB HR PORTAL is designed for small businesses in New Brunswick that want to improve their human resource (HR) management.

The portal website acts as an ENTRANCE-WAY that offers small business owners QUICK & EASY ACCESS to a collection of existing resources on FOUR KEY HR TOPICS:

  • Basic HR Tools
  • Finding the Right Workers
  • Keeping Employees
  • Employee Performance

The information on each topic is organized in four categories:

  • Checklists
  • Tips
  • Tools & Templates
  • Links

To learn more about HR and the benefits of putting in place good HR practices, GO TO:

  • What is HR?
  • What are the benefits of HR?
  • HR Glossary

For more information about the NB HR PORTAL project, GO TO:

  • Project Partners

Please GO TO the CONTACT US page for:

  • An HR contact person
  • Making suggestions for improvements to the Portal

Sources Used To Develop This Website

Most of the information, resources and tools featured on the NB HR PORTAL have been taken from the following two sources:


Restigouche CBDC Inc. developed the materials in the HR Tool Kit through its National HR Pilot Project to provide non-commercial resources to member groups of the Community Futures Network of Canada and the Enterprise Agencies in New Brunswick, which work with small business clients.

The Newfoundland and Labrador HR MANAGER

The Restigouche CBDC would like to express its sincere thanks to the NL Department of Advanced Education and Skills for permitting the use of the content of its HR MANAGER.

“The NL HR Manager has been developed through a partnership made up of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (Department of Advanced Education and Skills), the NL Business Coalition and SIFE Memorial to support small and medium-sized employers (SMEs) in the province in finding and keeping well qualified, motivated workers they need to compete in the global market place.”


You can access the NL HR MANAGER at: